J.Howell Photography is available for commercial and private shoots either shooting for an Architect, hotel, brand/company, or individual. Available to fill your need unless on a shoot. Work shows through the image. If it is trekking into the wilds or flying to far flung locations, J.Howell Photography will get the image. Exceeding in the logistics of making your dream or vision a reality. Choose J.Howell Photography for your next shoot by following the Contact tab to get started.


About Me

Ever since holding my grandfather's camera for the first time as a young child, photography has been my greatest passion. From developing pictures in primary school to learning the ins and outs of the digital platform, my interest and love for the craft continues to grow. 

I bought my first camera, a manual rewind point and shoot, at a garage sale. Since then my collection and interest has grown substantially. I believe the equipment is an extension of the photographer, but ultimately it is the eye behind the lens that facilitates the art. In order to get the shot, I am willing to put myself through the most extreme conditions and uncomfortable situations.