Why use a Pro?

Quality attracts Quality. Using J.Howell Photography allows you to get the best quality image. Having 3 quality images tells a better story than 25+ snapshots. Lets be honest everyones attention span isn’t the best these days (scrolling through images constantly on their phones) and thus you want the best. We will work with you to achieve your goal and exceed them. Marketing your business is expensive but allocating funds for a professional photographer insures you are getting the best per dollar spent and gets you something that will stand the test of time, make your portfolio pop and get the traffic it deserves to your business. Thus using a professional photographer isn’t a luxury but a necessity. I hear about the friend or family member that has a nice camera but the truth of the mater is that it takes a lot more than just a nice camera. It takes years of work and understanding of light and specialized equipment designed specifically for architecture and design and not to mention the special extra that comes in the post process. At J.Howell Photography, every structure and design is photographed with the utmost care and attention to detail.


After deciding on a project to shoot we begin with meetings and location scouting either on location or virtually. We will go over different angles and views you may want to include and go over what times of day each will be shot. Next prep is discussed, including: cleaning and anything you may or may not want include. I will send over an estimate and with approval, 50% deposit is due. Next figuring the best day and time of day to shoot your project and to make sure we have everything necessary(keys access to power control etc). Day of photography includes me and an assistant on location all day to insure everything is shot in the proper light. All clients are welcome on shoot days. We like to have a relaxed atmosphere with music after-all we moving furniture and gear around all day and need something to keep us going! After the shoot post processing begins. Post processing takes anywhere between 50+ hours depending on the shoot. Once finished we go over the images to insure I am delivering the polished product you expect. I will make final edits(See before and after section to see more of what can be accomplished in edits). Final images are high-res JPEGS sent via email. All Raw images are owned and copy-write by J. Howell Photography.